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If you have bought. what is your feedback?  (All these testimonials are from real people. I did not edit/ make them. I don't like scammers and am trying to show people that we are legit. Thanks)

Please post You Feedback Here About the support and disc's you buy from us thanks

Quotes thank you for the pleasent feed back happy modding Quotes

Quotes I got your private menu and its the best mods I ever used. Thanks. :D Quotes
Happy Mod User :D

Quotes I have been emailing the DSE team and they have been very friendly and helped me out. You guys are awesome :) TOP MODS!!! xD Quotes

Quotes DSE mod menu is the awesomest mod menu, i recommend it to anybody who is looking for GTA mods. Quotes
Sick mod menu!

Quotes i bought the v3.5 disc and they are awesome! i would really recommend these mods disc was in perfect shape, disc took only 3 days to arrive awesome! Quotes
DSE v3.5 mods

Quotes its really helped me alot and would recommend it to friends Thx DSE ShadowZ Quotes
Left 4 Dead 2 Modded Lobby's

Quotes In general DSE is a amazing with fantastic mods and excellent service.And i would give their service and mods a 10/10.They will go down in history. Quotes